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How do we schedule a FUNctional Capacity Evaluation?

Call us at (775)746-2206 or email us at


FCE Required Supporting Documentation:
✔Written Authorization for FCE Including:  

1) FCE Appointment Date (copy of patient's appointment letter is acceptable)  

2) Referring Source  
3) Accepted Body Part(s)  


✔ Initial Consult from Referring Physician (if applicable)  
✔ Most Recent Dictation from Referring Physician (if applicable)  
✔ Pre-Injury Job Description (if available)

✔ Surgical Reports Pertaining to Claim

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Rhonda FIorillo, MPT, WCS, PRPC is an expert in adminstering Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) and Post-Offer Employment Evaluations.  She has administered over 2,500 assessments in northern Nevada for over 28 years. She has performed testing for a variety of industries including City of Reno, Sparks and Carson City as well as mining, Washoe County School District, UNR, construction companies and casinos.


This type of thorough exam is critical for a variety of clients who require a comprehensive assessment methodology including Workers Compensation claims, Disability Evaluations, Social Security Benefits and Medical-Legal cases.


A battery of evidence-based, standardized tests are utilized to assess, measure and report objective and quantitative data for a multitude of factors to assist in determining a persons safe physical abilities.  

Our FCE provides an accurate assessment of a person's physical abilities and documents the collected data as well as assesses level of effort using a reliable and repeatable method.  This type of testing has significant value in assisting in determining safety for return to work issues as well as post-offer pre-employment physical demand testing.  


If you are an employer needing to determine if your current or perspective employee is able to perform the job you need them to do before you hire them?  Call us and we will help you determine what you need and save thousands of dollars in workers comp claims.  We are able to complete a job match comparison for your specific needs.


Our testing includes:


Back In Motion Physical Therapy FCE assess: 

- Functional Tolerances
- Positional Tolerances
- Endurance
- Agility
- Strength
- Safety
- Balance
- Dexterity/Speed of Hands
- Weight/Frequency Tolerances for lifting, carrying pushing and pulling  

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