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Children's Pelvic Health

We love to treat children with bowel and bladder issues and tummy pains because we can really make a huge improvement in the quality of their lives.  We start with a proven scientific background with an evidence-based practice and family history to evaluate your child's specific condition and utilize physical therapy techniques and behavioral modifications to treat a variety of bowel and bladder dysfunctions.

Can my child benefit from
Pelvic Health Physical Therapy?


  • Is your child over 4 years old and still wearing pull-ups?

  • Is your child on medications to regulate bowel
    and bladder function?

  • Does your child only have problems with bed wetting
    at night but not during the day?

  • Does your child urinate uncontrollably with laughing with friends or playing at school?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions you're child may benefit from an evaluation by a Physical Therapist specializing in bowel and bladder dysfunctions.  

Our Pediatric Pelvic Health
Services include: 


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